Tips To Using GPT

Install Mal-ware Software Click Here
This scan needs to be done anytime you uninstall any games or downloaded software and done again at least once a week and delete any viruses you may have received.

Install CCleaner Click Here
This will remove all cookies from your computer. Run this after every offer you do.

On you browser set you options to receive all cookies. 
Do not for any circumstance save any passwords to any gpt sites to your browser.
Make all Screen Names different when starting on more than 1 gpt.

Also Yahoo is your best friend for every offer you need a new email. Do not make them sequential ( abc1, abc2, abc3) Make them unique (lovemyman22, kidsarecool79). For Reward Pro and Reward Stars, they will only credit if they use a Yahoo address. is very quick and easy for making e-mails. Most will not credit if you use or

Make sure you read your instructions good. For zzz you will need to type in the code sent to your email. For other offers you will need to confirm emails or other things.

For Gift Entries , Follow all directions and once you get to the final steps open all required links to continue until you finish step 3 or platinum page. Let it sit for about 30 seconds, while you click the submit button. Do not close until it has fully submitted. After this close window and preform CcLeaner.

For Games, download, and play for 1- 5 minutes (specified by gtp site) and uninstall at least 6 hours later, do not delete until it credits. After it credits got to your computer option and uninstall then run Mal-ware scan and reboot. If you delete to early it will reverse you and that is not good.

For Quizzes, submit the quiz and on the extra offers just click them, you do not have to fill out your info just skip or submit if it is an option..Most the time on the list just click no on all but one or two. Once you get your quiz results, let it sit open for 30 seconds then submit. Close window after submit and do CCleaner.

CAPS: Next Day Rewards/Blazing/MRT/Way Rewards/Prize On Time: 3 per day, sometimes less. I am not sure if it is 3 per the whole family of offers, or 3 each. I can usually only get three per day no matter which ones, but some people may be different.
Consumer Expressions: 4 per day.
ZZZ Quiz: I have been told the cap is 4 per 12 hours, although I have not confirmed this.
Quiz Jungle = 6 per 12 hours, 12 per day
Bread N Milk = 4 per 12 hours, 8 per day
YGZ = 3 a day, although I have not confirmed this.
Others do not have confirmed limits.

The time offers approve depends on a few things.
1. If you did the offer right.- You used a new email, you let every page load, and you took your time going through the survey
2. The company who the offer goes through.- Some affiliates are instant approval, while others may take a little while to approve the offers.
3. Some offers do NOT approve until the next day. Be patient, it just takes some time to approve the offer.
A Little Secret:
When doing offers and the list comes up of 10 yes/ no circles, hold down ATL and the += button by the backspace, this will mark all no then you go through and mark the yeses you want. 

Do all Daily Clicks and PTCs also on the gpt
use your referral id and invite all your friends

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