Save Your Car and Drive Further

How many people use cars and pump gas? Almost everyone over the age of 16 right! What if we could all save money at the pump? Would you do it or educate yourself about what you can do to help your car last longer.

Well here is your chance.

You can add 10-25 miles or more to your tank on every fill up, but we do not guarantee that with all cars. The key is to keep your engine clean, your gas stable and burning more efficient.
The cleaner your engine the longer life you add to your car and the better you burn fuel.
Your car will also start preforming better and burning less emissions.

Why spend hundreds a month on tons of fuel stabilizer and additives from the local auto part store when you could use just one 1/4 oz liquid that does more than all those others. View our comparison page for exact results of our price comparison.

XFT helps burn your gas more effectively enabling better gas mileage and a cleaner burn. XFT helps keep gas stabilizer seasonal items such as boats and generators so it will not break down and ruin the motor. It also helps stop corrosion, water and sludge inside of engines and gas tanks helping maximize performance.

Xtreme Fuel Treatment made by Syntek global has a patent and is registered with the EPA
and has been used for over 20 years in the commercial industry to help better diesel trucks.

Help raise money for you organization with a free non profit fundraiser or even a waterless car wash fundraiser.

There have been no reported negative reviews or effects of XFT.
Syntek Glodal offers a full 30 day guarantee if you see no results.

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