Coupon Giveaway!

Hey Yall..

We are doing a Coupon Giveaway!

Here are the rules:

Party will start at promptly 8pm Eastern.

For each envelope i will ask one question.

You will have one chance to answer.

I will shut down my wall for the games!

**Between each question we may do some shoutouts for sponsors. If you have already liked their page please just like the status, if not please head over to their page and like it and tell them we sent you. Be sure to like the status. The shoutout with the most likes will win the sponsor envelope

*** Only one type of envelope to one winner. Example: If you win a cleaning envelope you can not win another cleaning envelope.

List of Envelopes:
2 Cleaning
2 Baby
2 Food Products
2 Personal Care
1 Cat
1 Dog
1 Large Envelope
1 Sponsor Envelope( must be a paid sponsor to win)

To participate please go ahead and fill out your info HERE

To sponsor please email me at lifeofbaskets(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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