Unique Rewards **Tutorial**

UniqueRewards - online rewards program

Unique Rewards offers free money making opportunities!
Paid to clicks, let them load and earn cash!
Submit your information offers and cash rewards for shopping!

 Sign up and get an instant $5 credit when you complete your first offer, which i will explain below! You can cash out once a week as long as you accrue $20 or more. You can request a check or get almost instant to paypal.

To get $5 Bonus
Fill out the form available if you click the banner above.
Open the confirmation email and click the link and sign in.
Click "cash offers/surveys"
Then click "search offers"
 Enter "Arcamax"
Click the link and fill in your email, wait a few minutes then click the link in the confirmation email and follow the pages clicking no to the free offers, you can click yes if you'd like.
Once you reach the Arcamax website homepage your done.
Within 24 hours you should have the $5.00 plus the $.15 for the offer
You may complete all the Arcamax with one email just wait 48 hours to unsubscribe or submit with any yahoo.com email
Also daily open the "click cash" click the link and wait for the ticker to tick down then click another for up to $1 a day!

For more free sites check out the blog page on the top left. Also, there is a how-to blog to help with offers, if you would like one on one help feel free to email me at anytime!


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