Inbox Dollars *Payment Proof*

Get extra shopping money just by clicking! Yes, Clicking! Inbox Dollars is yet another great site to get free money! They also pay you for using the coupons from! Click the link above and register. Instal the Toolbar for updates and when it says you have any unread messages just click it and open the message and click the pink button when your done and boom your paid! No downloading pages, sitting on sites for 20 minutes to get points. They also have paid searches. Again use the toolbar to search and gets money for doing it. Also daily click the videos tab and watch the advertisement for extra cash! When you register you will also get the $5 for signing up and a quick extra few dollars for completing the profile survey.

So You get
* Paid Emails on the Site
* Paid Offers
* Paid Videos
* Paid Games
* Paid Surveys
* Paid Coupons from
and Paid Shopping

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