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There are tons of jobs online that you are not paying into. A lot of misconceptions say that all online jobs cost you, but they don't. I have spent the last 2 years doing my best to make sure everyone is working from home making the income they desire and doing what they love. Here a few of my favorites that don't require a schedule and you can do whenever you are bored and want to make a bit of extra cash. None of these are Gpt or offer sites. For my top picks of those and how to do them just email me.

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1)Amazon Turk
Sign in using your amazon account information. Get paid to tasks. View websites, find address, fill in forms etc. Each task is paid different and new tasks are added daily. Cash out to direct deposit or get an amazon gift card. 
Jellybean is hiring for online loan specialists from home. Also court researchers, get paid to visit courthouses and  looking at public documents. You might be looking at mortgages, marriage records, tax liens, judgments, divorces, and more. The very act of going to the courthouse to look up the records is courthouse research.
Become a brand ambassador. "Whether you work three times a week or once a month, Triple Point works to match your qualifications with events happening in your area." Go around you area to represent companies and show their products.
Do you love taking pictures? Sell your photos! Contribute to istockphoto.com and get reimbursed for doing what you enjoy. Get $.30-$7.50 per photo. They also except flash, video and audio. Pay is on pay-as-you-go or on a credit system.

5)ChaCha.com is a text handling company where you answer text messages sent in by searching online. The pay varies by role but Expediters earn $.02 per completed task and Transcribers earn $.03 per task, while Generalists and Specialists earn anywhere between $.10 to $.20 per completed task, based on the category of the question. There are no minimum requirements as in hours worked and such to be a ChaCha Guide. You get paid once per month generally, but must earn $100 before you qualify for electronic transfer to your bank account. In order to become a Guide, you must go to ChaCha's website and register and they will in turn send you an assessment to be completed, once you pass you are free to start working.

6)KGB.com is a text handling service where you answer text messages sent in by searching online. The pay ranges between $.05 to $.10 per answer, $.05 for answers by validation response which means the answer populates through the knowledge database and the agent forwards the answer to the customer and $.10 for full response answers that are researched and answered solely from the agent. Payments are sent via direct deposit once monthly, payment is processed on the 3rd Thursday of the month for the previous month's work! In order to remain active as an agent, you must simply work a minimum of 8 hours per 30 day time period. To qualify to become a member of KGB, simply fill out an application via their site and you will then be tested on your knowledge, once you pass the exam you are good to go! When you take your test you can use google. It tests you on how fast it takes you to find an answer. 

7)Call Graph Transcription  Transcribe phone calls. Download the file player and a file and make money for each successful transcription you do. Get $1.00 per 6 minute recording and once you have 10 entries done and a minimum 3 rating you can make more money by becoming a reviewer. View the tutorial well for easy hints to typing and submitting. Pay out anytime through paypal.

8) {Scheduled} Startek "A Home Based Customer Service Agent is someone who works from their home office responding to customer inquires gathering, entering and
confirming customer information, answering live customer questions via phone, resolving issues, providing customer care, engaging in live chat, responding to email, and handling sales calls with customers."
9) {Scheduled}West at Home Customer Care Representative
10)OurTown.com is a editing group that provides local news on it website. Anyone anywhere can get on and search an area to see its news. Fill out an application to own a town and submit all news.

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