Coke Rewards! Free Code!

Do you drink coke? Why not use your favorite Soda to help earn you cash and free gifts.

From free drinks to money for your child school. Earn rewards just for drinking coke.

Get rewards from The Coca-Cola Company,  Nike, Six Flags, Omaha Steaks, Snapfish, Blockbuster, Nascar, and much much more.

You can enter up to 120 points per week. Extra codes are sent out occasionally to your mobile device or email.

Here's the points rundown:
Get 3 points per 12oz to 3 Liter Bottles
Get 8 points per 8pk count of 12oz cans
Get 10 points per 12 or 15 count of 12oz cans
Get 15 points per 18 count of 12oz cans
Get 18 points per 20 count of 12oz cans or 6 pack of 12oz bottles
Get 20 points per 24 count of 12oz cans or 24 count of .5 liter(w)bottle
Get 24 points per 8 count of .5 liter bottles, 8 count of 12oz bottles or 8 count of 20oz(P)bottles
Get 25 points per 30 or 32 count of 12 oz cans
Get 30 points per 10 count of 20oz(p)bottles
*(p) Powerade

Codes can be found on 15 brands
Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, DASANI,
POWERADE, Minute Maid, Fanta, VAULT, Barq's,
Fresca, Pibb, Mello Yello, NESTEA, and Seagram's

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Email me at if you already are a member and get a code worth 3 point when you use the Subject Line "Free Code"

If you sign up today get a code worth 10 points if you forward me your welcome email, it does not include your sign-in info. Use subject link "I signed up for coke"

Coke is not affiliate with Earnings in a basket and this is not a referral program!
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Please allow 24-48 hours for code to be sent. Make sure you check your spam folder occasionally or add "" to your address book for easy retrieval.

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